Consultation CLA for the meat industry is difficult
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Consultation CLA for the meat industry is difficult

  • 29 October 2019

The FNV, together with employers in the meat industry, wants to increase the compensation for job losses in the meat sector when farmers are allowed to keep fewer animals due to the nitrogen problem.

Wage increases

The current collective labour agreement for the meat industry expires on 1 November 2019. The meat processors have proposed a small salary increase as of 1 January, without any other agreements. 

FNV Voedingsindustrie is going to discuss a complete proposal with the employers. For example, the trade union wants a new two-year collective labour agreement to increase wages by 5% twice, as a compensation for the minimum increases that have been in place for years. The FNV also wants to see a substantial reduction in the percentage of flexworkers of 80 percent. In addition, the FNV proposes to pay the 21-year-olds an adult salary and to reorganise the youth scales, and the trade union wants an agreement in the collective labour agreement that stems from the pension agreement, so that meat workers can retire after 45 years of hard work.

The next round of consultations is scheduled for 20 November.

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Source: © FNV