Column Saskia Stender: 'I can't take it anymore'
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Column Saskia Stender: 'I can't take it anymore'

  • 12 September 2022
  • By: Saskia Stender

To be honest, summer is the most dangerous period of the year. In terms of staff, that is. I hear people around me getting burnt out more and more often. It may sound like a trendy word, but it's certainly food for thought. 

Many employers keep pushing their employees: "You can take this on top. It is temporary. I promise, soon someone will be here to support you." But that doesn't happen. The employee says, if he dares, "Yes, of course, add that to my list too! ... Even though I have too much to deal with already. I can't take it anymore...". During the holiday period, employees often get a lot of additional tasks. 'Surely you can expect it, if your colleagues are on holiday?'
Those who come home from work exhausted, don't feel like doing anything anymore and therefore don't recharge. Yet employers are surprised when someone suddenly and immediately resigns. "Gee, I didn't see that one coming!"  

With the shortage on the labour market, you would think that employers would listen to their staff better; especially because people value health, flexibility and freedom more and more. Employees just don't accept it anymore. And there are plenty of jobs; 450,000 vacancies! The employee can often start somewhere else the very next day. In the first quarter of 2022, there were 1.9 million people who started a new job less than twelve months ago. 1.9 million! That is 400,000 more than in the previous year; nowadays you can find a new job faster than a new car. 

Employers; please take care of your staff!

Saskia Stender

Source: Vakblad Voedingsindustrie 2022