Bizerba helps with process optimation
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Bizerba helps with process optimation

  • 10 January 2017

Many companies are currently working on process improvements. The most commonly heard reasons for doing so are to improve delivery reliability, customer satisfaction and efficiency. Bizerba actively helps food manufacturing companies to optimise their processes. 

The goal of every commercial company is to work profitably and productively. But high customer satisfaction and delivery reliability are equally as important as good results and profitable growth. Efficiently equipped machines and systems play a central role in this, yet many companies are actually working at below their theoretical machine capacity. There can be many different reasons for this, varying from low uptime and poor performance of machines to unplanned interruptions to production activities, inefficient processes and bad planning.

Dependable tools and methods are required to improve the transparency of the usage times of the machines and identify the sources of losses. Benchmarks such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) facilitate the analysis of production data, the introduction of improvement measures and the assessment of their impact. 

Bizerba offers numerous software products that can be connected to weighing, labelling and inspection systems for the purpose of collecting and evaluating production data. These products illustrate how the food processing industry can utilise data and benchmarks to improve equipment efficiency and hence to boost productivity. In particular, the software called BRAIN2 OEE highlights inefficiencies to enable the targeted planning of investments in better processes and equipment.

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