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Marjolein Brasz - CEO Foodvalley

We are on a journey, towards a new balance. In 2050, we want healthy, affordable and delicious food. Sustainably produced, of course. And for the people who will be living then: a world population of no less than abou..

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A tailor-made machine for everyone

02 May 2017

As more and more companies are replacing manual labour with automation and letting machines do the work instead, the machine building market continues to show steady growth. Sleegers Technique BV is cleverly capitalising...

“I recruit specialists with a passion"

02 May 2017

It is difficult to find the right employees, especially in engineering, and yet Sleegers Technique BV repeatedly manages to recruit the right people for the right roles. The secret? Being at the front of the chain, and t...

A selection of Sleegers Technique unit solutions

02 May 2017

STACKER UNIT VI-04 Stacker BUFFER UNIT VI-05 Buffer OVERLAPPER INLINER UNIT VI-08 Overlapper / Inliner VI-08/500 Overlapper INLINER UNIT VI-09 Inliner UNDERLEAVER UNIT VI-11_200 Underleaver ...

Interleaver with slicer: a solid combination

02 May 2017

Sleegers Technique BV is the leading specialist when it comes to placing sheets of paper or film under or between sliced products. The process of inserting a sheet of paper or film between slices of cheese or meat immedi...

Three projects to be proud of

02 May 2017

Sleegers Techique BV revolves around the combination of high-tech solutions with the utmost attention to professionalism. Over the years, that has resulted in countless machines and production lines that are perfectly al...

Market demand: the VI-19 bacon underleaver

02 May 2017

It’s relatively popular in the Netherlands, but in the USA and Canada they absolutely love it: bacon. A North American customer commissioned Sleegers Technique BV to build a unique machine combining both underleaving and...

Future plans

02 May 2017

At Sleegers Technique BV they believe that standing still means going backwards, which is why they not only invest in developing new machines but also in improving existing models. The company is currently hard at work o...

Huub Sleegers: James Bond's Q of machine building

02 May 2017

Anyone who buys carpaccio from a supermarket nowadays can safely assume that the tender meat has been thinly sliced and packaged by a Sleegers Technique BV machine. This was the first machine that Huub Sleegers, from the...

Global reputation as the leading specialist

02 May 2017

60 percent of the orders received by Sleegers Technique BV come from North America , and customers from Australia, Germany, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Thailand  have also tracked down the company to its headquarters ...

VR Game: Put the meat in the slicer yourself

02 May 2017

Trade fairs like Interpack attract tens of thousands of visitors. Hundreds of exhibitors vie for attention, trying to outdo one another with the best displays and the most eye-catching brochures. Everyone is keen to expl...

Always striving to be the best

02 May 2017

Everyone who knows me also knows that I’m a big football fan. Despite being born in Brabant, I don’t support PSV; Ajax is the club for me. Even as a young boy I loved the beauty and style of the Amsterdam-based team’s ga...