Working together on the most groundbreaking innovations
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Working together on the most groundbreaking innovations

  • 03 January 2022

Since 2004, Foodvalley NL has been developed into the food innovation center of Europe. The Netherlands can and should play a major role in developing the food system of the future. Discover how and taste the opportunities. What will we eat and drink in 2050 and how do we make it as sustainable, affordable, healthy and as tasty as possible?

"We are aware of the urgency. Groundbreaking innovations are needed to meet this demand. This is the time to use the available expertise to produce healthy and sustainable food." Foodvalley NL is developing and strengthening an international ecosystem of organizations working together to realize this transition. 

"With the cooperation between entrepreneurs also outside the food sector, knowledge institutions, education and government, we are working hard to create the food supply of tomorrow. Discover how and taste the opportunities."

Unburdening frontrunners

Foodvalley NL initiates and develops programs to accelerate the impact of innovations and scale up organizations faster. We work together on the most groundbreaking innovations in agriculture and food in three areas: Circular Agrifood, Food & Health and the Protein Shift.  We offer an international network with inspiring partners, various research facilities and knowledge, talented people and routes for financing. In this way we support and alleviate the frontrunners.

The activities we stimulate and the way we have set up the ecosystem generate international interest and create accelerating scientific development and economic growth that benefits everyone. 

Eyes, ears and hands of the Food Transition

Together, the more than 250 partners in the Foodvalley ecosystem are the eyes and ears of the food transition. We know what is going on, which raw materials, products and technologies are needed. And more: with complementary knowledge, experience, networks, facilities and creativity we give hands to the food transition: by connecting chain parties we shorten the time-to-market of food innovations, scale them up faster and maximize the societal impact. The Protein Community (TPC), Foodvalley's Protein Shift business network, is a good example: since 2017, the more than 110 member companies brought at least 100 innovative ingredients and products to the market. From a common goal and the belief that together you innovate faster.     

"Because we have no commercial interest, we can bring the relevant parties together and cooperate on (competitively) sensitive topics. Our goal is a more sustainable food system, through our independence we can make the best choices. That is important to succeed."

Partners of the Foodvalley ecosystem have access to:

  • Wide range of (research, and production) facilities
  • Innovation insights in circular agriculture, nutrition & health and the protein transition
  • Investors and partnerships worldwide

Finding what you need, when you need it

Every step of an entrepreneur’s journey is a step into the unknown. Having access to valuable resources and unique facilities, communities of peers, coaches and capital is crucial in converting innovative ideas into scaling businesses. Our aim is to help you get access to whatever you need in order to become successful. Whether you are a start-up founder searching for ways to validate your technology or an SME owner who aspires to expand globally, we are here to help you find your way and accelerate your innovations.

Shaping the future of food together

FoodSwitch is a proposal for the National Growth Fund submitted by a broad coalition of companies, knowledge institutions and interest groups, including Food Valley, to accelerate the changes needed in making the food system more sustainable. One component is to ensure funding.

"The fact that we also contribute in content and guidance is proving attractive for parties working on that food system. Last year we grew by more than 20 percent in terms of members. The number of Foodvalley partners at home and abroad is also increasing significantly."

Shared facilities: "Producers like Unilever can let us know if their production facility is not being used for a while, that way another company that doesn't have facilities can use them. That's handy, otherwise small companies like startups have to invest in machinery that is far too expensive for them," says Schippers, board chairman of Foodvalley NL.

"Ten years of sharing research equipment at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) have proved very fruitful. Foodvalley NL's protein facility map supported companies in finding facilities."

Livekindly, a platform dedicated to making plant-based the new normal, headed by former Unilever chief Kees Kruythoff, is affiliated. These are important partners with whom to exchange information in the run-up to the new food system. For example, how do you make a good, plant-based burger, how do you process locally produced ingredients and what do you have to deal with during that process?

Wim de Laat, Protein Brewery (CEO & Founder)
“Our Foodvalley membership brought us a number of commercial contacts from around the world. Foodvalley and Wageningen are worldwide known for food. So we are recognized through our Foodvalley membership as a world class food innovator. So it brands us and that is great!”

Jack Stroeken, Ekomenu (CEO and Founder)
“In 2020 I decided to join some organisations to do some more networking. Of all organisations Foodvalley offered the best programme for us. The best sessions and personal guidance. They really listen to what you want. Ask you for interviews and all kinds of sessions. I am very happy with their approach and also with the link to ScaleUpNation.”

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