Vivera launches 100% vegetable bratwurst
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Vivera launches 100% vegetable bratwurst

  • 02 November 2020

Vivera is expanding its range with a Vivera Plant bratwurst. A tasty and 100% vegetable alternative to the bratwurst.

Vivera Plant bratwurst

A 100% vegetable bratwurst that is just as tasty as an ordinary bratwurst; that was one of the objectives Vivera had in mind during the development process of this Plant bratwurst. The first results are therefore also in line with expectations.

According to a recent Normec consumer panel survey, the Vivera Plant bratwurst is the best test for taste and bite compared to other vegetarian bratwursts. The sausage does well with everyday recipes; from stew to sausage sandwich, and can be used in the (casserole) pan, oven or on the BBQ.

Meaty structure and crispy algae

Product developer Robin Haakmat of Vivera further explains: "Our Plant bratwurst gives a good sausage experience, with a meaty structure: it is not too smooth and the juiciness is optimal. The skin of algae also gives the sausage a delicious crispness after preparation and remains completely vegan. In addition, our sausages look like fresh bratwurst in the packaging, and in the pan they get a nice colour. These visual aspects are crucial in the experience of meat substitutes".

Source: Vivera