Van Rooi Meat Expands with Tomassen Vlees Acquisition
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Van Rooi Meat Expands with Tomassen Vlees Acquisition

  • 24 November 2023

Van Rooi Meat, renowned for its diverse range of meat products, has recently expanded its beef processing activities through the acquisition of Tomassen Vlees. This strategic move enables the company to exercise complete control over both pork and beef supply chains. This integration offers increased efficiency and sustainability for customers, as they can now source both types of meat from a single supplier. Marc van Rooi, the director of the family-owned business, underscores the significance of this chain control in aligning with their core values: honesty, affordability, responsibility, and flavour.

History and development 

Over 65 years, Van Rooi Meat has evolved significantly. Starting from trading pigs, the company has become a meat industry specialist. Its operations range from collecting and sorting pigs, piglets, and sows to slaughtering approximately 11,000 pigs daily. Venturing into beef and veal processing represents a natural progression in their growth journey.

Collaboration and future outlook 

The acquisition of Tomassen Vlees, steered by brothers Mike and Dennis Tomassen, aligns well with Van Rooi's long-term partnership and shared business values with Tomassen. The proximity of Tomassen to Van Rooi's beef processing site in Someren offers practical advantages, while strategically enhancing their position in both retail and foodservice sectors. The Tomassen brothers will continue to be involved with the slaughterhouse, ensuring no changes for the employees and maintaining the continuity and stability of the business.

Source: Levensmiddelenkrant