De meerwaarde van de inzet van robots
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The added value of deploying robots

  • 23 January 2024

Automation, robotization, and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming increasingly crucial in workplaces across various industries. This new reality has a particularly pronounced impact on the industrial sector in the Netherlands, where the influence of automation is strongly felt. Innovations such as AI pave the way for new approaches to collecting, processing, and analyzing information, giving companies greater control over their production processes.

The food industry also grapples with aging demographics, the challenge of finding qualified personnel, and a negative staff turnover. Robot technology can complement efforts in the case of a shortage of labor or where the work is too strenuous for older employees. Existing employees may understandably harbor certain fears, whether justified or not, particularly the fear of potential job loss. The impact of automation and robotization alters the nature of almost every job to some extent, and while many companies still have time to adapt to these innovations, it is clear that the future work environment will be significantly different. The expectation is that jobs will not be lost but rather transformed. Monotonous, heavy, and hazardous tasks can be performed by a robot, allowing the employee to focus on the process itself.

In the food industry, the deployment of robots is particularly noticeable in companies with large volumes and a high level of standardization. In smaller companies with a reliable and stable workforce, the use of robotic solutions may not be an immediate concern, but consideration must be given to the changing future. Delaying the first steps in this direction may give the competition an advantage if they have already started.

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Source: Hellebrekers