Term 'biological' should be better protected
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Term 'biological' should be better protected

  • 12 August 2019

The organic sector argues for being allowed to protect the term 'organic' itself. Research by RTL News has shown that 68 companies make unjustified use of the protected term.

In the Netherlands, the term 'biological' is legally protected. In the Netherlands, the label can only be used by companies that have been certified organic by the inspection organisation Skal. In order to be allowed to carry the hallmark, a huge number of European regulations must be complied with.

The companies that are not registered with Skal but still sell products as organic, can only be tackled by the NVWA. Skal is only about its certified companies. Bionext sees this as a 'kink in the cable'. The chain organisation therefore advocates that Skal be given the protection of the biological term, also in the case of non-certified companies.

Source: © Bionext