Supermarkets take major strides in ICSR
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Supermarkets take major strides in ICSR

  • 19 October 2021

Three years after the international corporate social responsibility (ICSR) Food Covenant was signed, supermarkets affiliated to the CBL are well on their way to implementing their policies in full compliance with the OECD Guidelines. For example, supermarkets score 91 per cent on integrating ICSR policy into their business operations. The CBL report 'ISCR risk management in the supermarket sector', published on 19 October 2021, shows that the supermarkets score 88 per cent when it comes to prioritising risks in the chain. The third annual measurement, carried out in July-August 2021, shows that the supermarket sector has made progress on almost all subjects. 

A clearer picture of risks

There is more insight into second-line production locations and better awareness of the geographical origin of products and raw materials. The most important improvement is that supermarkets have a better picture of the risks in the chain, and considerable progress has been made in drawing up concrete plans of action with activities to reduce risks. 

Efforts still necessary

Supermarkets remain committed to tackling the issues raised in the report. For example, setting up an effective complaints mechanism remains a point of attention for supermarkets. They also continue to work on concrete projects at an individual level, together with the sector and other covenant parties. 

Read the full report 'ICSR risk management in the supermarket sector' (Dutch only)

Source: CBL