Successful financing for FlevoTrade thanks to Leasecontrol
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Successful financing for FlevoTrade thanks to Leasecontrol

  • 04 March 2024

In mid-2023, FlevoTrade Grading & Packaging, based in Dronten, commissioned two new onion weighing and packaging lines. Additionally, a number of trucks needed replacing. Leasecontrol, a finance broker specializing in the food sector, efficiently arranged the financing based on a well-substantiated business case.

Berthold Spaans, owner of Leasecontrol, shares: “In February 2023, I was approached by FlevoTrade Grading & Packaging B.V. This company is responsible for sorting, storing, weighing, packaging, and exporting Dutch onions. FlevoTrade was about to acquire two new onion weighing and packaging lines. They also needed to replace several trucks. It was a substantial investment that also demanded prompt action.”

The value of a compelling narrative

During a meeting in Dronten, Berthold gathered essential information about the organization, financials, the intended investment, and its return on investment. He then condensed this information into a concise explanation for his network of financiers. “Financing doesn't just happen. It requires insight and trust. I lay the groundwork with a clear business case.” This approach quickly secured the necessary funding under market-standard conditions.

Added value for all parties involved

“In this case, I was directly approached by the end customer,” Berthold reflects, “but most financing for small and medium-sized businesses in the food industry comes from collaborating with suppliers, including ILPRA Benelux B.V. and Demca B.V. Regardless of the path taken, the challenge is always to offer all parties an attractive or comfortable outlook. A successful investment benefits the entrepreneur, the supplier, and the financier. It's a win-win for everyone.”

Source: Vakblad Voedingsindustrie 2024