Slaughtering at night when it's hot isn't allowed yet
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Slaughtering at night when it's hot isn't allowed yet

  • 19 June 2020

Pig slaughterhouses should be able to start slaughtering earlier in the night in warm weather, otherwise the temperature will rise too high. This is what various organisations, companies and stakeholders say to the NOS.

The heat threatens to jam pork production. During the day it is now too hot to transport the live animals to the slaughterhouse. But the inspectors who have to be present at the slaughter next to the veterinarians cannot work at night because of their employment contract.

Obligatory inspection

The second largest meat processor in the Netherlands, Van Rooi Meat from Helmond, submitted a request to the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) so that slaughterers can start their work at midnight. The authority says it is willing to grant the request, but is unable to do so. The reason: no inspector from the Animal Sector Quality Inspectorate (KDS) can be present at night to check the carcasses. And that is compulsory.

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Source: ©Van Rooi