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Sismatec & Sismation: Simplifying Automation

  • 20 November 2023

Automation is increasingly significant in production and packaging processes. Sismatec, understanding this trend, has expanded with its automation division ‘Sismation’. This addition enhances their existing offerings, providing a broader range of solutions under the same reliable name.

Rogier Drost, Technical Manager at Sismatec, highlights the teamwork between Sismation's engineers and their Technical Service (TD) team. “The transition of some team members from TD to the engineering team of Sismation brings a blend of experience and creativity. This helps us devise efficient and practical solutions for our clients, keeping things as simple as possible.”

The collaboration between Sismatec and Sismation allows for tailored services. “Apart from our standard machinery, we can now propose entire solutions for complete lines and processes, ensuring businesses are fully supported.”

Focus areas of Smart Handling:

  • Product handling systems
  • Casepackers
  • Palletizers
  • Material handling systems


Gilian Buis, an Account Manager at Sismatec, details their approach to client engagement. “We visit clients to assess their current operations. By understanding their specific needs and objectives, we can integrate various elements into our planning. Our engineers and project management team develop concepts with an eye on efficiency, simplicity, and maintaining process continuity. After discussing these concepts with clients and getting approval, we proceed to detailed planning. Our project managers ensure continuous communication for alignment with client expectations. From engineering to software and assembly, we manage it all, culminating in a Factory Acceptance Test.”

Sismatec provides a full range of services, from the initial concept to the final solution, including layout design and programming. “We handle installation and staff training. Our project leaders oversee each project phase to ensure smooth execution. Post-delivery, Sismatec’s service team is responsible for after-sales and service support, available 24/7. Interested in exploring automation for your processes? We’re ready to discuss this with you,” concludes Gilian Buis.

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