Packaging machines and materials at Ilpra Benelux
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Packaging machines and materials at Ilpra Benelux

  • 25 February 2019

Ilpra SpA has been manufacturing packaging machines in Mortara, Milan region of Italy, for over 60 years. Ilpra SpA is a specialist in tray sealers, thermoformers and filling and sealing machines. From Barneveld, Ilpra Benelux supplies tray sealers, from semi automatic to industrial inline machines, rotary and inline fill seal machines and deep drawers.  The team consists of motivated people with a lot of experience in the packaging market. With their own technical service they also take care of the maintenance of the machines.

Another important activity is supplying and advising on packaging materials. Specific packaging needs can be met from various factories, such as a variety of packaging films and trays. A major advantage is the monitoring of the use of the packaging, which means that Ilpra ensures that there is always sufficient material available. Stand 1.D100.

Source: © Ilpra Benelux