Packaging innovations in the spotlight at Empack
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Packaging innovations in the spotlight at Empack

  • 06 March 2023

On 5 & 6 April 2023, the 20th edition of Empack will take place in Brabanthallen Den Bosch at the same time as Packaging Innovations and Automation4Packaging. This creates a meeting point where the top of the entire packaging industry comes together in one place. 

Producers and brands are continuously challenged on the use of circularity, (sustainable) materials, innovative techniques, ease of use, reuse, recycling, packaging design and packaging minimisation. Marketers, brand managers, packaging specialists, R&D managers, designers and buyers face the challenge of continuing to innovate. The NVC Dutch Packaging Centre, organiser of the De Gouden Noot competition, will festively highlight the most pioneering innovations during the fair. There will also be 'kickstarts' for visitors, and lectures at the Packaging Innovations knowledge event on both days.


Surprising kickstarts are planned for visitors to the fair on both days. On Wednesday 5 April, the VNV will organise the kickstart: led by a moderator, experts from various disciplines will discuss current packaging topics.

On Thursday, moderator Lucy van Keulen, an expert in the field of sustainability, will discuss the theme of re-use vs reduce with experts from various disciplines.

The Gouden Noot

Upon entering the exhibition floor, the packaging innovations of the winners of De Gouden Noot will be in the spotlight. The 31st edition of packaging innovation competition De Gouden Noot was won by Masterpack Group, with a pioneering application of Modified Atmosphere technology in the world of FIBCs. Silver went to PACKSYS GmbH's Capsule Dispenser. The refillable dispenser allows patients to have their required medication at home in a controllable and easy-to-handle, safe way. The bronze winner is the Mibelle Group, which clarifies the production process of plastic bottles using carbon dioxide CO2 as a raw material. 

These seven innovations also made it to the finals

Bluemint® steel pure from Hoffmann The Tin
Dry Molded Fiber from PulPac
FDoR® (Flexo Direct on Rigid) by Van Dam Machine Europe BV
Balaton closure by Kraft Heinz
Sustainable paper washing solution by Avery Dennison
Temcoat Liner Flow from EPG Industries
Tray to tray rPET by Hordijk Verpakkingen


The packaging industry has been one of the Netherlands' top sectors for years. To remain great and continue to grow, innovation is necessary, especially in the field of automation. After all, automation of the packaging process increases efficiency and reduces costs. But developing new technologies is often expensive and requires specialist knowledge. Never before has the demand from the packaging market for smart solutions been as high as now; that is why Automation4Packaging will have a prominent place at Empack.

Packaging Innovations 2023

A world in which packaging fits within the ecosystems of our planet and no longer causes irreversible damage to the environment and society; it is almost a utopian goal. The regulation, minimisation and optimisation of packaging and various innovations therein, will dominate the Packaging Innovations knowledge programme on 5 and 6 April 2023. 

Green Serendipity

Ariane van Mancius of Now New Next (NNN) and Caroli Buitenhuis of Green Serendipity are jointly taking up the gauntlet to solve sustainable packaging issues. Green Serendipity is responding to a Greennovation Symposium on 6 April, consisting of a number of pitches from innovative sustainable companies.  The focus is on fossil-free packaging. The use of recycled materials is of great importance here, but not suitable or possible for every packaging. What are examples of materials and packaging made from sustainably produced natural resources? How can these materials be recycled and/or degrade without creating microplastics for future generations?

How is Gen Next packaging?

NNN kicks off the programme on both 5 and 6 April with a session where visitors will get answers to questions such as "How is Gen Next packaging?" and "What are the wishes and demands of the new generation regarding packaging; both in terms of 2D and 3D design, sustainability, fonts, claims and much more". The second session zooms in on trends in sustainable packaging. Ariane from Mancius will take visitors through a whirlwind story based on the 6 Rs of Lansink's ladder and how manufacturers and brand owners can apply them. Register via

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