Ojah launches vegetable pork tenderloin
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Ojah launches vegetable pork tenderloin

  • 07 June 2022

In Ochten, in the province of Gelderland, just a stone's throw from the Dutch Foodvalley, a dedicated effort has been made over the past three years to develop a vegetable 'pork tenderloin'.

Sander Meeuws - Product Developer at Ojah: "We have focused on developing new products based on the well-known Plenti® soy structure. This has resulted in a series of new products with in the absolute leading role: the 100% vegetable 'pork tenderloin'! Its fine texture, juicy character and balanced flavour make for a spectacular launch in the vegetable market. The product feels, smells and bakes similarly to the meat variant."

Plenti® ProFiber™: 'The Plant - Based Connector'

The 'pork' has been developed on the basis of Plenti® ProFiber™. This is a soya protein fibre produced using Ojah's unique 'High Moisture Extrusion (HME)' process. In this process, vegetable protein is mixed with water. A combination of friction and shear is then used to create a fibre in the final product. The gluten-free protein fibres are known for their unique non-homogeneous structure and the binding capacity of vegetable raw materials.


Source: Ojah