NVWA publishes handbook nutrition and health claims
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NVWA publishes handbook nutrition and health claims

  • 19 March 2021

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has published a Manual of Nutrition and Health Claims. Claims can appear on food labels, but also in leaflets, on websites and in (social) media. Claims, including nutrition and health claims, are a voluntary form of food information. Voluntary food information should never be misleading, confusing or ambiguous. Further rules have been developed for nutrition and health claims based on the EU Claims Regulation (EC) No. 1924/2006.

The Handbook is intended as an aid to industry in complying with these rules. The Handbook explains, among other things, what nutritional claims and health claims are, and explains the Claims Regulation, the European Claims Register and the Claims Database of the Keuringsraad. The handbook can be consulted via the site of the NVWA.

The Handbook contains an overview of the relevant EU and Dutch regulations and documents regarding nutrition and health claims. Attention is also paid to enforcement by the NVWA. The Manual also contains various step-by-step plans for determining whether a nutrition or health claim is permitted. Definitions of nutrition and health claims and the differences between the various types of claims are explained. The general rules for nutrition and health claims are described and explained, and then the specific rules for nutrition claims and for health claims. The role of the Keuringsraad Kennis en Advies health advertising is discussed, as well as a number of related topics, such as the ban on medical claims, claims for infant formula and sports nutrition.

View the ‘Handbook nutrition and health claims (1.0)'(Dutch only)

Source: NVWA