Nutri-Score in 2024: What do Dutch consumers think?
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Nutri-Score in focus: What does the consumer think?

  • 18 October 2023

The Nutri-Score has become a familiar logo on the shelves. As consumers navigate towards healthier choices, food producers are left wondering: what does this mean for us? ESB recently conducted a survey to gauge the impact of this food choice logo in the industry.

Starting from 2024, the Nutri-Score will be a staple on Dutch food packaging. This vibrant logo, originating from France, categorizes products from A (green and super healthy) to E (red and less healthy) based on their nutritional value.

Consumers are Familiar with Nutri-Score

The survey reveals that 94% of participants recognize the Nutri-Score. An impressive 83% view this logo as an informative addition. This is a promising trend for producers who prioritize transparency.

However, there are also concerns. Some producers point to potential confusion among consumers, especially when certain products receive a lower score than anticipated. It's crucial that products are compared within their respective categories.

The influence on purchasing behavior is also a hot topic. If a product receives an orange D-score, would consumers switch? The findings indicate that over half would opt for a healthier alternative, especially for newer or less popular products.

Better than the Information on the Back

Interestingly, the Nutri-Score seems to resonate most with consumers who typically don't read the nutritional information on the back. This group is more likely to opt for a product with a better score.

The Nutri-Score presents both opportunities and challenges for producers. Clear communication and education are essential. With the expanding European food market, it's imperative for the Netherlands to persuade other countries of the benefits of the Nutri-Score.

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Source: ESB