Nutri-Score Calculator: Automatische Productlabels
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Nutri-Score Calculator: up-to-date product labels

  • 16 October 2023

The Nutri-Scores are on their way. Even though displaying the score isn't mandatory everywhere, the label already provides guidance for consumers looking for better products. Implementing the Nutri-Score, however, brings complex logistical challenges. The Nutri-Score Calculator offers a solution.

“Calculating the Nutri-Score often still involves a lot of manual work," says Maarten Cordenier, a partner at delaware, from experience. "With delaware’s Nutri-Score Calculator, those days are over. With it, you can automatically calculate the Nutri-Score of your products based on your unique recipe," he explains. The tool is the result of over 20 years of experience in the food industry and keeping up with current market trends.

Continuous transparency; continuous challenge

“The Nutri-Score encourages the food industry to strive for transparency and to offer healthier options,” he continues. “Although food companies are not required to display the score on products intended for the Dutch market, it does make a difference on the store shelves. Products with clear product labels are chosen more often, offering more transparency to consumers."

For those who want to improve the nutritional value of their products and recipes at an early stage, the tool is also handy: "The Calculator provides essential insights while creating new recipes," Maarten advises. "An added bonus: the solution is fully integrated into SAP's recipe development application. This eliminates the need for manual spreadsheet calculations."


Want to know more about the Nutri-Score Calculator? The experts at delaware are happy to put their product features into words and explain the benefits for your situation. "Find out what the tool can do for your food business. Feel free to contact us," says Maarten.

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