NoPalm Ingredients wins Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award 2022
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NoPalm Ingredients wins Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award 2022

  • 20 May 2022

This year's Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award (RDI) 2022 in the food transition category went to NoPalm Ingredients, a sustainable alternative to palm oil. Rabobank rewarded the winner with a EUR 20,000 prize and participation in a special accelerator programme run by partner Yes!Delft.

NoPalm Ingredients, winner of the Food Transition category

In the Food Transition category, NoPalm Ingredients won. They brew microbial oil as an alternative to palm oil by fermenting potato peels and sugar beet leaves. Carin van Huët, jury president Food Transition: "Palm oil is used in countless products, such as biscuits, cosmetics and baby food. Unfortunately, not all palm oil is produced sustainably and some palm oil plantations are felled. NoPalm Ingredients has the solution to protect forests, animals and the local population. By changing one ingredient, they want to change the world. In just one year, the company has put itself on the international map and that is admirable."

Source: Rabobank