No nitrite salt allowed in filet americain
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No nitrite salt allowed in filet americain

  • 27 May 2021

The court has ruled that various meat products are no longer regarded as meat products but as meat preparations. This means that nitrite salt is no longer allowed in filet americain. A transitional period has been agreed with the NVWA in order to adjust the recipe, if necessary; this will expire on 1 October 2021.

Meat preparation and legislation

The conclusion of the ruling is that it is based on the production process and the end product to determine whether a product is a meat preparation or a meat product. Grinding meat and adding a sauce meets the definition of a meat preparation and is not a processing step that can lead to a meat product. This means that products resulting from this (sub)process, such as filet americain and ox sausage, are regarded as meat preparations. The additives legislation allows a limited number of additives for these products. Nitrite (salt), for example, is not permitted in these meat preparations. Clean label additives, such as citrus and beetroot extracts, which can offer an alternative, are not permitted in meat preparations and meat products.

Source: KNS