New sensors improve the quality of fresh produce
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New sensors improve the quality of fresh produce

  • 14 October 2021

To truly improve the quality of fresh produce and reduce food waste, you need real-time access to supply conditions and product information at every stage of the supply and production chain. But how do you achieve this?

A unique solution for monitoring products

Foodvalley NL is partner of a project called “Future sensors and digital twins to improve perishable food quality during distribution and production“ that results in the development of sensors and digital twins that will monitor the quality of fresh produce in real time throughout its life span.

In this project, two prototypes of digital twins with three use cases are implemented. One focuses on the long transportation and quality of tropical fruits, and on determining the quality of vegetables such as tomatoes. The other digital twin will be used in the meat production chain. Here, the emphasis lies on individual quality monitoring of carcasses throughout the whole supply chain. Currently, these technologies are hardly used in agrifood.

This project is a close collaboration between system and data integrators, sensor developers, use case partners and research institutes Wageningen Research and imec as part of their collaboration in OnePlanet.

Source: Foodvalley NL