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New at QiSoft

  • 08 September 2015

As of 15 September Victor van Linden is the new Sales Manager Benelux at QiSOFT Nederland, where he will be responsible for further expanding the sales of QIS in the food industry and other processed-based sectors. 

Another new development is the addition of QIS integration with Microsofts’s SQL Server Reporting Server (SSRS). Thanks to this integration, it is possible to utilise the power of a standard reporting solution using the flexible QIS data, seamlessly and interactively. The reports can be initiated from QIS which transmits a large number of parameters to the SSRS. This opens the door to both incidental and periodic reports which are easy to manage. A second important option is the ability to set up customer-specific KPI dashboards which are easily (or even automatically) refreshed with the most recent QIS quality and productivity data.

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