ME-AT focuses on home-grown plant-based proteins
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ME-AT focuses on home-grown plant-based proteins

  • 06 April 2021

Vegetable meat replacements have a sustainable image. But the ingredients, such as soya, often come from outside Europe. This can also be done differently. ME-AT, Herba Ingredients, Agrifirm and ZLTO are working together to stimulate the Dutch cultivation of protein crops by Dutch farmers. This way we produce sustainable food from Dutch soil together, whereby the entire short chain benefits from the expected growing market.

From farm to fork, knowledge and technology are shared which contributes to the protein transition. This multi-year research project focuses on sustainability and transparency. Protein crops of Dutch origin are used versus foreign products such as soy and the incorporation of leguminous protein crops in the cultivation plans of growers is good for the soil and the environment.

Source: ME-AT