Introduction of Nutri-Score first half of 2022
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Introduction of Nutri-Score first half of 2022

  • 09 June 2021

The goal to introduce Nutri-Score in the Netherlands by mid 2021 is not achievable, says State Secretary Blokhuis. His intention is to introduce the logo in the first half of 2022. He states in a letter to the Lower House.

Discussions are taking place between the countries participating in Nutri-Score about the structure of the organisation surrounding Nutri-Score. This resulted in agreements between the participating countries (Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland). A general agreement has been drawn up that includes arrangements for setting up a steering committee and the manner in which decisions about the logo are made.

The international steering group has now started. The relevant ministries from all participating countries have a seat on this steering committee. Also, the independent international scientific committee with scientists from all participating countries started in February 2021. This committee looks into the calculation behind Nutri-Score. It also checks whether the Nutri-Score criteria are in synergy with the dietary guidelines of the participating countries.

According to Blokhuis, the ambition to introduce Nutri-Score in the Netherlands in mid-2021 is not achievable. First of all, the first scientific evaluation of the food choice logo must be completed. The Health Council of the Netherlands and the RIVM will advise Blokhuis on the results of the scientific evaluation.

Meanwhile, the preparations for the introduction of the logo continue. Blokhuis is arranging for the amendment of the legislation in the Commodities Act, public information is being prepared and work is being done on practical matters such as the portal for businesses. The intention is to introduce Nutri-Score in the Netherlands in the first half of 2022.

Read the 'Parliamentary letter on Healthy Food Environment' (Dutch only)

Source: Ministerie van VWS