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International with Voedingsindustrie

  • 02 January 2014
  • Door: Saskia Stender

With the launch of this international version of Vakblad  Voedingsindustrie, I hope we will attract lots of new readers from  abroad. In spite of our strong reputation in The Netherlands, new  readers may be unfamiliar with our OSV and YFM networks. High time to  explain a little more about who we are and what we do!

The Ondernemers Sociëteit Voedingsindustrie (OSV) was established  over 20 years ago as a network for entrepreneurs in the food industry,  with additional membership by professionals from knowledge institutes.  Meanwhile, Young Food Management (YFM) was set up 10 years ago as a  network association for young entrepreneurs working in the food sector.  The members represent a cross-section of the industry: whether salaried  employees or self-employed, and for commercial or non-profit  organisations.

The common denominator between both networks is ‘food’: a shared  drive to discover and explore the market. We fulfil these aims by  meeting up regularly, by gaining and sharing knowledge and of course by  making new contacts and building on existing ones.

I am in no doubt that contact between companies in the sector plays  an important role in doing business successfully. More than 400  organisations are members of OSV and/or YFM; involvement in one or both  of these associations helps companies to maintain a relevant network of  food-industry relationships.

Feel free to join us to learn more during one of our meetings.  Whether you attend a barbecue, a workshop, a golf day or a company  visit, you’ll receive a very warm welcome.

To register, go to the website or call +31-(0)26 370 00 27.


Saskia Stender

Source: Vakblad Voedingsindustrie 2014