Importance of knowledge in European food strategy
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Importance of knowledge in European food strategy

  • 11 April 2024

The future of the European food strategy was the main topic during a lively discussion at the COV annual meeting in Nieuwegein. Five European Parliament candidates shared their visions and strategies to address the challenges within the sector. The emphasis was on the importance of knowledge and expertise in shaping policy.

Candidate positions and visions

During the debate, chaired by moderator Jan Arie Korevaar, Lara Sibbing (GL/PvdA), Lourens van Bruchem (SGP), Bart Millenaar (VVD), Willemien Koning-Hoeve (CDA), and Jessika van Leeuwen (BBB) discussed various topics such as protein strategy, labour migration, and animal welfare. All candidates highlighted the efficiency and climate-friendliness of Dutch food production. The need for innovation within the meat sector was seen as crucial.

Strategies for labour migration and animal welfare

The discussion revealed that free movement of persons within the EU is essential, but also that the sector has a responsibility to facilitate adequate housing. The candidates advocated for a more strategic government vision on labour migration. In the area of animal welfare, there was a call for better enforcement of existing regulations rather than introducing new ones.

Strengthening dutch interests

Another key theme was the need to more robustly represent Dutch agriculture within the EU. Koning-Hove (CDA) and Van Bruchem (SGP) agreed that the Netherlands must be more assertive in European decision-making. This point underscored the desire to strategically and intelligently prioritize the interests of the Netherlands.

The annual meeting demonstrated the dedication and passion of the candidates for a sound European food strategy. It highlighted the universal understanding that an informed approach is essential for future policy.

Source: COV