IFS Food 8 draft version published
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IFS Food 8 draft version published

  • 23 May 2022

IFS Food version 8 is expected around summer 2022. Recently the draft version of IFS Food 8 was published. The IFS Food standard is changed to comply with the Codex Alimentarius CXC 1-1969 version 2020. The upcoming ISO 22003-2 standard is new. These are regulations for bodies that evaluate and certify products, procedures and services, including an audit of the food safety system.

What changes can you expect?

  • Training records must be available for employees responsible for CCP monitoring.
  • Personal hygiene, based on risk, must be monitored at least once every three months. In addition, some additions have been made to the hygiene rules, such as not allowing fake nails or eyelashes and the use of waterproof plasters.
  • Performing validations (of CCPs, preparation, product use, cleaning schedule and equipment) has been included.
  • Label control and metal control must take place at start, end of shift and at product change.
  • A maintenance plan must be implemented and managed.
  • Traceability from end product to raw material and to customers must be possible within four hours.
  • Information about allergens and unavoidable cross-contamination must be documented.
  • The environmental monitoring plan must be based on risk analysis.
  • Cleaning activities must be monitored (four-eyes principle) and records must be available.
  • The supplier assessment must be carried out at least every 12 months.

Various changes have also been proposed for the audit protocol, including:

  • If the auditor is denied access (other than force majeure) to conduct the audit, the certificate will be revoked and the full audit cost will be invoiced.
  • If a production line is not running during the audit and it differs from other lines, a follow-up audit must be scheduled.
  • The scoring system has been modified. For example, score B (almost completely compliant) has been added to the scoring system.
  • The provision of evidence in feedback of corrective actions is mandatory and the feedback must be in English.
  • The IFS Integrity Activities Programme has been included.


Photo: ©Studio Romantic/Shutterstock

Source: Normec Foodcare