Hybrid yogurt of cow's milk and plant-based dairy
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Hybrid yogurt of cow's milk and plant-based dairy

  • 20 September 2023

Students from the Food Technology program at van hall larenstein have developed a new hybrid yogurt, consisting of a blend of cow's milk and plant-based dairy. Hilde Slaghuis, Anke Vos, and Mohammad Noman were assigned this task by the Food Application Centre for Technology (FACT). The end product, a blend of cow's milk and soy or oat milk, marks an innovative move towards a more sustainable food supply.

This hybrid yogurt not only represents a breakthrough in food technology but also supports the transition towards sustainable agriculture and food production. Blending animal and plant-based dairies benefits both the environment and animal welfare.

A highlight of this project was the 'from grass to glass' approach, ensuring the preservation of nutrients naturally found in milk. Collaboration with Dairy Campus provided high-quality milk. Mixing cow's milk with plant-based alternatives like soy or oat facilitates consumers' transition to plant-based options.

Various Variants

Throughout the project, various yogurt blends were tested, with ratios of milk to plant-based drinks ranging from 90:10, 70:30 to 50:50 for both soy and oats. These blends were compared to 100% dairy products. Consumer research revealed that the dairy/soy 50:50 and dairy/oat 70:30 variants were the most popular.


Source: van hall larenstein