Green Monitor: overview of the green sector
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Green Monitor: overview of the green sector

  • 05 November 2020

The green sector is at the heart of today's major societal challenges. Innovation is needed to ensure the sustainable and efficient production of sufficient, safe and healthy food, a liveable environment and vital nature.

In order to address developments in the labour market and education, good management information is indispensable. For the first time, the Green Monitor provides an insight into what is happening in the full breadth of the labour market in the green sector. A total overview of all green educated people, all green jobs and all green businesses.

The Green Monitor is a starting point in two respects. For the user, the data offers the opportunity to further investigate the underlying data, to make new analyses and to continue working with it themselves. For the creators of the monitor it is the start of the continuous development, sharpening and supplementing of the available data. In a number of years' time, the monitor will provide answers to the questions we are now asking.

Click here for the Green Monitor 2020 (Dutch only)

Source: GroenPact