From door policy to sustainability policy
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From door policy to sustainability policy

  • 15 June 2020
  • Door: Janneke Vermeulen

A door seems such a simple element in the company building. But a good door contributes to production speed, hygiene, food and personnel safety and sustainability objectives. "These doors provide good climate control." 

'High-care area - No access' is written in enormous letters on the high-speed door between the high-care and low-risk departments.  Underneath is a prohibition sign. You can't avoid it: the department behind this door is forbidden access for unauthorized personnel. "Workers of different nationalities work here. So a small Dutch or English prohibition sign next to the door is often unnoticed. Employees used to walk in and out too easily. Without bad intentions, but it is not beneficial for hygiene and food safety. We had to communicate more clearly," says Ronald Koenders, Director Operations Retail at Vion Food Group at the Encebe location in Boxtel, Noord-Brabant. 

End user 

"The end users of our doors are always our starting point. In this case, the large text and the prohibition sign on the Dynaco high-speed doors that we supplied proved to be a practical solution for the entry and exit of personnel. Other advantages of these doors for the end user are that they are crash-proof and self-repairing thanks to a reinstallation block. The door returns automatically in its conductors, without repair costs or production interruption. The risk of damage, collision damage and personal injury is virtually eliminated," says René Sanders. He works as Product Account Manager at Alsta Nassau, a company that has been manufacturing and supplying overhead doors, high-speed doors, docking equipment and fire-resistant doors to industry and private individuals for decades. "From the local farmer to large production locations in the Netherlands and abroad; we arrange everything concerning logistic access," says Sanders. The company, which is also based in Brabant and operates throughout the Netherlands, does not only supply the food industry. The aviation and shipping industry, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, emergency services and distribution centres also use the doors of Alsta Nassau. 

Temperature control and speed

Of course, specific requirements apply in the meat sector. For example, temperature control and the prevention of draught are very important, also for Vion. The high-care department has a higher pressure to prevent bacteria from entering. A good seal between the high-care and low-risk departments and their continuity is essential for food safety. Sanders: "The Dynaco speed doors contain no holes or cracks, the material is water-repellent and the lower pocket is sealed so that no water and soap can enter. So they do not allow drafts, dirt and cleaning agents to pass through and are easy to clean. This also applies to the stainless steel hoods that are placed over the side conducters, operator and rollers. And the doors open at a speed of 1.2 meters per second and close again at 0.5 meters per second. By means of a new control technology, this can be done even faster with newly installed doors. In short: these doors are perfect for companies that want to make their premises more sustainable.

Vion also values sustainability very strongly. The company shows that it makes progressive choices in this area. For example, the meat manufacturer focuses on the sustainable production of traditional meat. Vion also launched the start-up ME-AT at the end of last year. This branch focuses on the development of vegan meat substitutes that match the taste, texture and mouthfeel of meat. The products were launched on the market this year. With ME-AT they broaden the definition of meat and are able to meet the growing group of flexitarians in their demand for alternative proteins. 

Response times 

The purchase of the Dynaco High-speed doors also fits within Vion's sustainability policy. "They provide good climate control and therefore contribute to less energy consumption and lower costs," says Peter van Eijk, Assistant Manager Technical Services at Encebe Vion. The advantages for the end user and the energy saving properties were not the only reasons for purchasing the doors. Van Eijk: "The service provided by Alsta Nassau is great. At several locations of Vion there have been doors installed of the company for at least ten years, so their products and way of working are known to us. They offer access to an exclusive Dynaco product range. After the first purchase of the high speed door in 2018, we ordered three more for our location in Boxtel. The company's response time is also really good. They are always accessible and if a technical problem or malfunction occurs, a mechanic will be on the doorstep in no time". Sanders: "We have 60 mechanics available all over the country. They guarantee a brand-independent service, even for doors that are not supplied by us. And they are available 24/7." Van Eijk agrees: "The last three doors were assembled on Saturdays, so that production could continue on weekdays. That shows how much they think with us!"

Photos: © fotopersburo Bert Jansen

Source: © Vakblad Voedingsindustrie juni 2020