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Food Profiles: Understanding the Dynamics of Food Choices

  • 08 December 2023

Every day, we make decisions about what to eat and how to do it. These choices are influenced by personal preferences, socio-cultural routines, and deep-seated beliefs. Food is more than just sustenance; it reflects our identity.

Brands aiming to encourage consumers towards more sustainable and healthier behavior face the challenge of striking the right chord. Research indicates that consumers attribute different values to themes such as sustainability and health, making a uniform marketing approach fall short.

Food Profiles: A unique approach

To effectively address the diversity of consumers, Food Cabinet and Future of Food Institute introduce six Food Profiles:

  • Conscious Vanguard (17%)
  • Eccentric Habitualist (14%)
  • Trend Follower (15%)
  • Experimental Home Chef (14%)
  • Conservative Pragmatist (22%)
  • Self-cooking Bargain Hunter (18%)

These profiles categorize consumers based on their attitudes towards sustainability, enjoyment, convenience, affordability, trend sensitivity, and health.

Targeted Marketing Strategies

Food Profiles provide marketers with insights into various target audiences, assisting in determining the most relevant approach for their brand or organization. By understanding what drives consumers, brands can develop targeted strategies to promote sustainable and healthy food choices.

The Food Profiles serve as a guide in identifying the target audience, defining unique selling points, developing effective communication strategies, and inspiring product development. This detailed approach offers practical guidance for marketers to tailor their message optimally to the needs and values of specific consumer groups.

Download the whitepaper and learn more about the six Food Profiles.


Source: Food Profiles