Experts wanted for plant-based foods standards committee
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Experts wanted for plant-based foods standards committee

  • 14 October 2021

Following an initiative by NEN, the ISO working group 'Plant-based Foods' was recently established. With the development of a new standard, the working group wants to offer clarity to what consumers and food-producing companies worldwide should understand by 'plant-based foods'. The BSI PAS 224:2020 '100% plant-based foods - Characteristics and composition' serves as a basic document for the further development of the ISO standard.

Participation in the standards committee

In the Netherlands, a standards committee is being set up with experts in the field of plant-based foods. These experts will provide the Dutch representation in the development of the ISO document. The standards committee will participate in the ISO working group meetings; it will also be possible to vote and comment on the standard under development. A number of experts have signed up, but there is room for new participants. At the moment there is a demand for organisations representing consumers, so that there is a good balance with the producers already present in the committee.

The first ISO working group meeting takes place on 15 November 2021. After this, a standards committee meeting is planned.

Source: NEN