Edible coating for snack cucumbers
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Edible coating for snack cucumbers

  • 28 February 2022

These days, consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable options. For example, retailers are expected to minimise the use of plastic by looking at alternatives for packaging. This inspired Liquidseal and Rijk Zwaan to join forces. The collaboration ultimately led to the introduction of an edible coating on snack cucumbers. This innovative solution offers an enormous opportunity to meet the higher expectations of consumers by making the category of fruit and vegetables more sustainable.

Edible coating on snack cucumbers

"We were already aware that Liquidseal had developed a coating for long cucumbers, so we approached them to discuss a similar solution for snack cucumbers. This resulted in the development of an edible coating for snack cucumbers, which is a huge step towards a more sustainable future. This coating allows us to offer our partners a solution for the increasing consumer demand for less plastic packaging. Our partners can now stop using plastic packaging for snack cucumbers without compromising on shelf life," says Heleen van Rijn-Wassenaar, Marketing Specialist Cucumber at Rijk Zwaan.

Follow-up research into solutions

Liquidseal aims to extend the shelf life of perishable agricultural products in an innovative, sustainable and cost-effective manner. At present, their coatings are primarily for inedible peeled flowers and fruit, but they are continually researching the possibilities for edible coatings on other fruits and vegetables. Ultimately, the goal is to replace the use of shrink film packaging and shrink wrap by developing edible coatings for fruit and vegetables.


Source: Liquidseal