Cultivated meat production Mosa Meat to new level
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Cultivated meat production Mosa Meat to new level

  • 19 October 2022

Mosa Meat is celebrating taking the next step in the scaling up of their facilities for the production of cultivated beef. The company is expanding to a total of 7,340 m2 facilities (77,000 sq ft.), making it the largest cultivated meat campus in the world.  

The new industrial production development centre is just a few minutes down the street from the existing pilot facility in Maastricht. After demonstrating the process at pilot scale, Mosa Meat is now ready for the next phase of the expansion which will house industrial-size production lines and enable the company to make larger quantities of beef.

“We’ve expanded our space by 2,760 square metres in our next phase, which brings Mosa Meat’s total footprint to over 7,340 square metres (77,000 square feet),” shares Maarten Bosch, our CEO. “This makes us the largest cultivated meat campus in the world, and provides a solid foundation for our European and global commercialisation plans.”

Mosa Meat has grown to over 160 employees, with over 80 scientists and the largest number of PhDs in the industry in just a few years’ time. The production team has grown five-fold in the last three months to 15 members. They are working with Bioprocess Development and Automation teams to transfer world-class research on cultivating beef to large scale production in this space.

Simultaneously Mosa Meat has also expanded the footprint at existing locations, including operations at Brightlands Health Campus and current pilot facility in Maastricht, where R&D capacity continues to grow.

Source: Mosa Meat