Construction robots gain ground; market triples in 2030
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Construction robots gain ground; market triples in 2030

  • 09 February 2022

The use of robots is also necessary in the construction sector: to increase labour productivity, make construction safer and more sustainable and reduce failure costs. The good news is that Dutch robot producers and spin-offs are responding better to the robotisation trend than producers from countries like Switzerland and Japan. By 2030, the Dutch construction sector will be investing some 306 million euros in robots. 

In its report, ABN AMRO discusses the drivers for the expected growth and zooms in on the most important bottlenecks. Many process and production improvements are not realised because construction companies are reluctant to work together, there is too little standardisation in the software for construction robots and the sector lacks imagination. Also necessary: in order to take advantage of the opportunities, financing and legislation need to be broadened. The report concludes with tips for entrepreneurs in the construction industry who want to take the step towards robotisation.

Read the full report ‘Bouwrobots winnen terrein’(Dutch only)

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Source: ABN AMRO