Collaboration boosts tempeh production in India
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Collaboration boosts tempeh production in India

  • 14 September 2023

In a landmark move for food production in India, CFSS B.V. and Marel India Pvt. Ltd. are joining forces. Together, they will upscale the production of tempeh, a protein-rich vegan product, to address the protein deficiency in the country. This groundbreaking collaboration was sealed on September 11, 2023, in the presence of acting Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Marel representative Harold Swinkels.

The innovative approach, dubbed "Tempeh Today", is an initiative by Henk Schouten of Schouten Europe. Utilizing high-tech Small Fermentation Units (SFUs), they produce tempeh locally from soybeans. This not only promotes sustainability but also provides a solution for food security.


The collaboration goes beyond just production. Soybeans are sourced directly from local farmers, and with the assistance of NGOs, these farmers are trained to improve yield and quality. The objective is to establish twenty production locations throughout India. A standardized production method, monitored from the Netherlands, ensures the quality of the tempeh.

Marel, an international company specializing in food processing, will provide essential support, ranging from supplying equipment to training operators. Both companies focus on sustainability, food security, and promoting plant-based protein consumption.

With this collaboration, Schouten, a pioneer in plant-based protein products since 1990, reaffirms his leadership role in the sector. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding during a trade mission underscores international commitment to addressing global food challenges.

Source: Schouten Europe