Cloetta's New Electric Factory Sparks Debate
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Cloetta's New Electric Factory Sparks Debate

  • 29 November 2023

In the town of Roosendaal, Netherlands, Cloetta, a well-known confectionery manufacturer, has stirred a bit of controversy with its recent decision to fully electrify its new factory. This factory, associated with popular candy brands like Red Band and Venco, is situated in the industrial area of De Meeten II. The decision marks a shift from their initial plan to gradually transition from gas to electricity.

Challenges with the electricity grid and environmental permits

The switch to an electric mode of operation brings its own set of challenges. Top of the list is the capacity of the local electricity grid, especially considering the potential impact on residents and other businesses in the area. If the current infrastructure cannot handle the additional load, it could hinder not only Cloetta but also other sustainability initiatives in the region. While Cloetta acknowledges these concerns, they remain somewhat vague about the specifics of these challenges and how they plan to address them.

Looking ahead at Cloetta's new factory

The developments surrounding Cloetta's new factory in Roosendaal are drawing significant attention. The factory could represent a major step towards environmentally friendly manufacturing. However, doubts about the practical feasibility of their plan continue to linger.

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Source: Cloetta