Can we trust cultured meat?
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Can we trust cultured meat?

  • 04 August 2021

Cultured meat seems to be conquering the world. When such a new product enters the market, consumers must be able to trust that it complies with all European legislation and regulations regarding food safety. Research by Linsay Ketelings of the Food Claims Center Venlo of Maastricht University confirms that there are still open questions.

Cultured meat loosens the tongues

Cultured meat is a promising product that can solve problems in our food production. Better for the environment and less animal suffering. Yet the introduction of the flesh loosens the tongues. Can consumers trust that it is a safe product? Ketelings: “In Europe we have the necessary regulations when it comes to food safety, including through the General Food Regulation and Novel Food Regulation. However, producing cultured meat is a whole new sport. There is no comparable product available. How do scientists, companies and food safety authorities ensure that such a new food is safe? We don't know much about this new product yet.”

Can I eat cultured meat safely?

Ketelings' research shows that scientific research into possible risks associated with the consumption of cultured meat is lacking. Ultimately, the consumer must be able to trust that what is on the label offers sufficient guarantees for the safety of the product. “The experts I spoke to for my research are confident that this product can reach the market safely. They confirm that plenty of research has been and is being done into the production and introduction of cultured meat on the market. But for the legislation it is also necessary to conduct sufficient research into the safety of the product for the consumer, so it is not that far yet.”

Source: Maastricht University