Can AI develop the perfect meat and fish substitutes?
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Can AI develop the perfect meat and fish substitutes?

  • 29 August 2023

Perfecting vegetarian burgers, sausages, and fish presents a challenge. Every aspect, from taste to color, scent, texture, and price, must be spot on. But what if AI could accelerate this development?

AI might unveil the secret formula for the ultimate meat and fish substitutes 

The texture of meat and fish alternatives is pivotal. Up until now, we've achieved this through endless experimentation. By having AI predict the texture of ingredients and final products, we can bypass these time-consuming steps. That's exactly what GreenProtein AI is currently doing, in collaboration with partners like plant-based meat producers. Their predictive models account for all ingredients and the desired end product.

Benefits: By leveraging AI to craft the perfect recipe for meat and fish substitutes, we reap numerous benefits. It leads to faster production and thus lower costs. Improved texture also enhances taste, which could persuade more consumers to opt for plant-based and vegetarian choices.


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