Bolidt creates the ultimate floor for the food industry
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Bolidt creates the ultimate floor for the food industry

  • 04 March 2024

Bolidt announces the launch of a new flooring system specifically developed for the food industry: the Bolidtop 801. This innovative system is designed to enhance hygiene in production environments, meeting the strict requirements of food and worker safety.

With 60 years of experience in developing, producing, and installing hygienic, sustainable synthetic flooring solutions, Bolidt has assisted many companies domestically and abroad in choosing the right flooring. They understand that the floor is both literally and figuratively the foundation of every production process in the food industry. An unsuitable floor choice can lead to significant issues, ranging from wear due to mechanical stress to damage by chemical substances, impacting food safety and production processes. Bolidt addresses these challenges with the new Bolidtop 801, a solution that not only tackles these problems but also sets new standards in the industry.

Floor specifications

The most notable feature of Bolidtop 801 is its single-layer composition, a first on the market. This innovation significantly reduces installation time compared to traditional multi-layer flooring systems. For the food industry, especially during renovation work, this minimizes production process downtime, allowing production to resume swiftly.

Bolidtop 801 is completely liquid-proof and seamless, significantly reducing the risk of accumulation of dirt, dust, and microorganisms that could compromise food safety. The seamless transition from floor to wall and around drains prevents the multiplication of bacteria and fungi in joints or seams: a crucial aspect for maintaining optimal hygienic conditions. Essential for keeping the production environment audit-proof.

In addition to its excellent hygienic properties, the flooring system offers exceptional resistance to mechanical, chemical, and thermal stresses. This makes it capable of withstanding the harsh conditions typical in food production and processing. The floor is designed to endure the effects of acids, bases, heavy machinery, and intensive transport traffic over a long period, ensuring the integrity and safety of the production environment.

Efficient, safe, hygienic

Choosing the wrong flooring system can lead to unwanted production losses and high costs due to the need for repair work. Therefore, Bolidt always offers sustainable solutions that not only improve operational efficiency but also contribute to a safer, more hygienic working environment.

Caption photo: Bolidtop® 801, the latest powerhouse in the market prioritizing hygiene and rapid installation

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