Boermarke fully transitions to plant-based
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Boermarke fully transitions to plant-based

  • 19 September 2023

The Enschede-based company, Boermarke, is transitioning step by step to plant-based dairy alternatives. They are handing over their traditional dairy operations to competitor, Zuivelhoeve.

Reynier and Alexander Varvik from Boermarke revealed in the Tubantia newspaper that their plant-based cheese, yogurt, and ice cream, either under the Vairy brand or as a private label, will be available in European supermarkets within the next three years.

Three years ago, Boermarke introduced their plant-based yogurt, and since then, they have expanded their range. They are among the three European companies capable of producing plant-based cheese in large quantities. Recently, Boermarke invested in new production lines and equipment for slicing and grating cheese.

Concurrent with these investments, the traditional dairy production, established in 1987 by Bertine Varvik, is being phased out and handed over to Zuivelhoeve. As a result, the Boermarke name will soon disappear from the dairy shelves. The product range will shrink from 450 to about a hundred items, all of which are plant-based.

Source: Nieuwe oogst