As of July 1, deposit on small plastic bottles
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As of July 1, deposit on small plastic bottles

  • 01 July 2021

From the 1st of July 2021 there will be a deposit on small plastic bottles of soft drinks and water. Producers and importers are obliged to charge a 15 cent deposit on these bottles from that moment on. This should promote the reuse of plastic bottles and help reduce litter. The plastic bottles with a deposit can be recognized by the new deposit logo on the label. 

Statiegeld Nederland provides more and more locations where the bottles can be returned. Besides supermarkets, you will soon find collection points at gas stations along the highway, event locations and sports clubs. By doing so, Statiegeld Nederland wants to retrieve 90% of the plastic bottles from the market.

Deposit on cans in 2023

From 31 December 2022 there will also be 15 cents deposit on cans of beer and soft drinks. With this measure, the government wants to recycle the sold cans, annually about 2 billion, and combat environmental pollution. Read more about deposits on cans here.

Source: Statiegeld Nederland