30 years of Linx small character inkjet at De Koningh
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30 years of Linx small character inkjet at De Koningh

  • 19 September 2023

For over 30 years, De Koningh has been a proud partner of Linx in the Netherlands. Throughout these years, with its knowledge and experience in small character inkjet, De Koningh has become one of the largest suppliers of coding equipment in the Benelux. This success is largely attributed to the success of the Linx printer and De Koningh's local vision of fast and expert service.

Linx Small Character Inkjet Printers

Linx's continuous inkjet printers can apply texts, barcodes, best-before dates, logos, or images contact-free on almost all materials. Information is printed at high speeds onto moving products.

The best print head in the market
After manufacturing, the print head of the Linx printer is filled with resin, ensuring the factory setting remains intact. The print head boasts a 'clean design', making it much faster and user-friendly for operators to clean compared to print heads from other suppliers, where tubes and wiring are exposed. Moreover, the Linx print head can handle up to 100 start/stops without needing a clean.

Efficient for variable production and use
Thanks to its thorough automatic cleaning procedure, the small character inkjet printer can be left idle for up to four weeks, after which it starts up without any issues. This makes it perfect for production lines that don't run daily or weekly or for seasonal production.

Ink and solvent replacement without spillage
Solvent and ink cartridges can be replaced without any spills inside the printer. An RF label ensures automatic recognition when the operator inserts the correct type of ink or solvent into the printer. Even when the ink or solvent cartridge is empty, at least another eight hours of production is possible.

Printer maintenance
Maintenance for the Linx small character inkjet printers is minimal and can easily be carried out by oneself. However, if you wish for maintenance to be carried out by De Koningh, it will be scheduled at a convenient time for your production staff upon consultation.


Source: De Koningh Coding & Labeling