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Slaughtering at night when it's hot isn't allowed yet

Pig slaughterhouses should be able to start slaughtering earlier in the night in warm weather, otherwise the temperature will rise too high. This is what various organisations, companies and stakeholders say to the NOS. ..

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Young blood

11 September 2018

What did Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, think when he received two young applicants with a brilliant idea for a free app? ‘Won’t work out anyway’? Five years later, he hired them. And paid 19 billion for WhatsApp....

‘Digital techniques play an increasingly larger part’

11 September 2018

Interview with Joost Blankestijn Digitally controlled food production enables innovations that were, until recently, unheard of: personalised food, vegetable protein with the bite of meat and new shapes, tastes and st...

Nieuwe EU-wetgeving voedselinformatie

14 August 2018

Vanaf 1 april 2020 is het noodzakelijk dat fabrikanten de herkomst van de ingrediënten van hun producten vermelden op het etiket, als het ingrediënt een andere herkomst heeft dan het product zelf.  De nieuwe vero...

New edition of ISO 22000!

09 July 2018

With more than 200 diseases spreading through the food chain, it is clear that safe and sustainable food production is one of our biggest challenges. Further globalisation of food trade complicates food safety; the new e...

Slachterijen die regels overtreden

09 July 2018

De overtredingen van welzijnregels voor het doden van dieren in een slachthuis zijn ingedeeld in boetecategorie 3 tot een maximaal bedrag van 2.500 euro. De boetebedragen kunnen onder slechte omstandigheden worden verdub...

Wetswijzigingen voor mkb'ers

09 July 2018

Als ondernemer krijg je vanaf 1 juli 2018 te maken met nieuwe wetten en regels. Welke zijn voor jou als mkb'er van belang? De belangrijkste wetswijzigingen per 1 juli op een rij. 1. Basiscontract werkgevers en arbodie...

Ontwikkeling binnen wereldwijde regels

12 June 2018

De voedingsindustrie wordt uitgedaagd door voortdurend veranderende regelgeving: o.a. op het gebied van etikettering, vorderingen en het vermelden van de herkomst van ingrediënten op verpakkingen. Hoe pak je deze nieuwe ...

Getting it right the first time

12 June 2018

About five years ago, we moved into our newly constructed home. After one and a half years of building, our house was finally done. What a job! We thought about things we had never thought about before and knew very litt...

Why would you not build?

12 June 2018

Even if you put a billion on the table, it won’t buy you back the time you’ve lost. With many building processes, we find out too late that a project cannot continue after all. The info was available, but nobody did some...

Trust or Inspection? Fraud or Trust?

12 June 2018

Is it bad if the garlic powder you buy in the store is not entirely pure? If analysis shows that it also contains potato starch and ground garlic husk? Is that fraud?  That partly depends on the agreements you ma...


12 June 2018

Construction is a theme we can say a lot about. Not only about the construction of new food factories, which this magazine is full of, but also about road construction. And that is what I want to talk about, because lo...

‘Involve experts in the reformulation of your products'

12 June 2018

Food producers in the Netherlands need to make their products less salty, sweet and greasy. A lot less, in order to make Dutch people healthier. And that ‘need’ is not determined by law, but by themselves. The producers ...

About building materials and investments

12 June 2018

Food and construction are inextricably linked. Look at how we formulate it: a meal is ‘built’ from food, which in turn contains nutrients as fuel and ‘building’ materials. And a building material like protein, in turn, i...

Sharper focus on Listeria monocytogenes

08 May 2018

The NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) established new guidelines in the updated information sheet 85 for controlling the growth of hazardous micro-organisms during the shelf-life period. It is...

Allergen control

08 May 2018

My oldest daughter brought a letter home from school. There will soon be a new boy in her class. He has a severe peanut allergy. The letter contained an urgent request to stop putting peanut butter on lunch sandwiches. I...