JUMP programme starts in January
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JUMP programme starts in January

  • 19 December 2019

'Keep dreaming, start doing' is the motto of JUMP dream accelerator. This is the new annual programme that gives young food innovators the opportunity to accelerate the realisation of their dreams about the food (system) of tomorrow. Ten of them pitched their ideas last Friday in Den Bosch. Five of them will start the programme in January 2020.

Luuk van der Rijt and Ivo van Dijk are two of the five. Ivo started three quarters of a year ago with Dreugworst. He makes dry sausage from meat that is normally considered as a residual product, originating from older sows. His product is already in 22 delicatessen shops. Pig farmers who deliver to him receive an extra price, provided that they invest the extra yield in making their own farm more sustainable.

Ivo: "I want to take Dreugworst to a more mature phase. Finding distribution channels, setting up the acquisition more efficiently and telling my story better and more clearly. I can use a lot of coaches who help me to create structure and who know how to build a brand. I look forward to working with them and with other start-ups."

Luuk pitched his Cocktail pearls: pearls filled with cocktail flavours, which the consumer himself pierces in his own glass to mix with. With or without alcohol, that's up to the user. Experience, enjoyment and convenience are the pillars. Luuk: "I am super happy that I can start with JUMP. I think this program can bring me a lot."

Luuk wants to launch his product in the hospitality industry by mid-2020 and from there make the step to retail or other distribution channels. "I'm hoping for coaches who can help me take on this adventure. Someone with a large network and maybe someone who has (had) a start-up himself and who knows the world very well."

On stage

In recent weeks, dozens of young food innovators have sent in their dreams. After a first selection round, ten of them took the stage last Friday for a panel of professionals consisting of Roel Schutten (AgriFood Capital), Gemma Schneemann (Sligro), Martin Houben (Rabobank), Liz Chermin (HAS), Monique Schuurmans (Scout) and Hans Steenbergen (Food Inspiration). They assessed the pitchers on, among other things, the relevance of their plan to society, the feasibility and the expected impact. The candidates also had to convince the panel of their own added value in the plan.

Meaningful enterprise

Roel Schutten, panel chairman: "On Friday we saw some very nice products and concepts that deserve to be accelerated. What struck us was the drive of the participants: they all want to do meaningful business. They want to contribute to the social interest and know how to translate this into concrete solutions. Despite their young age, the ten pitchers have already achieved a great deal. JUMP will now help five of them to make a real impact."

Top expert as mentor

Besides Ivo and Luuk, Chantal van der Noordt, Danny Joosen and Folkert de Jong will start the programme. Each of the five will receive a personal mentor for a year, a top expert who will guide him or her in terms of content. The talents are waiting for an intensive, challenging year full of substantive and personal coaching, pressure cooker sessions around the issues they are facing, a Food Bootcamp and inspiration from professionals and their fellow JUMPers. During Dutch Food Week 2020, the five participants will present the first results of their project.

Source: © AgriFoodCapital