De Vries chooses Treif with Sismatec
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De Vries chooses Treif with Sismatec

  • 25 July 2019

Last week Sismatec delivered and installed another Treif Puma. This time at Vleesbedrijf De Vries in Veenwouden. For 30 years, Vleesbedrijf De Vries has specialised in supplying a wide range of high-quality meat products, mainly for the hotel and catering industry and wholesalers. From authentic smoked bacon products to a versatile total supplier for the hospitality industry. Mindert de Vries, owner of the company, has seen his company and market change in recent years. "As a traditional company, we must always adapt to the rapidly changing market. Customers demand an ever wider range of products and greater flexibility. We have to stay focused on productivity and efficiency."

"That's how I got in touch with Sismatec from Almelo. I had heard more good stories about it from fellow butchers. I invited Egbert Roerink, from Sismatec, to go through our production process together and ask for his vision / ideas."

Many machines for specific processes

"In the process and the variety of products we use many different machines. With the Treif Puma we can now make a large variety of products on one and the same machine. The touchscreen makes it easy to call up the different programs for the different products/thicknesses."

Personnel are wildly enthusiastic

"After a clear and pleasant instruction by the Sismatec mechanic, the colleagues who work with the machine were very enthusiastic. It's great to see that process optimisation and craftsmanship don't have to get in each other's way".

Photo caption: Jannes Bolhuis, at "his machine"

Source: © Sismatec