BrainBattle kicks off with Christeyns Food Hygiëne
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BrainBattle kicks off with Christeyns Food Hygiëne

  • 06 February 2018
  • Door: Saskia Stender

Sharing knowledge is second nature to us at b2b Communications, but that’s not the case for everyone. That’s why we’ve invested in the BrainBattle initiative: an online knowledge platform where everyone can access knowledge-based e-learning courses, free of charge. This state-of-the-art portal will also feature a selection of interactive white papers and surveys. 

BrainBattle, developed by Wallbrink Crossmedia, makes e-learning fun. Whereas traditional training courses often work with tried-and-tested open-ended questions and multiple-choice tests, BrainBattle offers countless opportunities – from quizzes and matrix questions to exercises including interactive videos, ‘drag-and-drop’ photos and ‘find the hotspot(s)’. 

The website is continuously evolving – just like your knowledge level. The first e-learning module is already online, and more will follow over the next few weeks. Our aim is to provide an extensive choice for the entire sector. 

For the knowledge providers

You might think you know what’s top of mind among your customers, but have you ever actually taken stock of their needs? What is it that they really want, which challenges do they come up against and where are their bottlenecks? Something that seems obvious to you might well be a huge question mark for your customer. BrainBattle enables you to develop your own knowledge-based e-learning course or interactive white paper on the b2b Communications platform. 

The owner of the e-learning module has daily access to the participants’ results. In terms of knowledge level: what do they already know, and where are their knowledge gaps? In other words, you can gain valuable insights into where there is a clear need for more information! Once you know this, you can capitalise on it. Why not let your colleagues participate too as a light-hearted way of assessing their product-related or industry knowledge.

The first company to enter the ‘BrainBattle arena’ – and hence to officially get BrainBattle off to a flying start – is Christeyns Food Hygiëne. Their e-learning course tests your knowledge about cleaning and contamination, about hygiene-related issues and about the application and effects of cleaning and disinfection agents. Encourage your production operatives to participate in this training (see also ‘For the knowledge testers’) to create broader awareness of the importance of cleaning. 

How does it work?

  • Your user login enables you to prepare your e-learning course at your own pace and to publish it online yourself whenever you’re ready;

  • Monitor the results daily and take quick action;

  • You can adapt the training module throughout the year if it turns out that certain questions are too easy or unclear;

  • The e-learning course remains online for one year, and that period can subsequently be extended if you wish.

For the knowledge testers

BrainBattle makes e-learning fun! Are you looking for a light-hearted way to find out what you do and don’t know, such as about cleaning and disinfection? Christeyns Food Hygiëne has the honour of being the first to publish an e-learning course on the BrainBattle online platform. Have a go and test your knowledge – free of charge! What do you know about the relevance of Sinner’s Circle, and about the pH of cleaning agents? Test your product knowledge, take part in online troubleshooting at existing production locations and learn how you can improve procedures based on real-life situations. 


A map of the Netherlands visualises where other people are doing the same e-learning module, so each participant can benchmark themselves against others. This competitive element turns each course into an interactive game, which makes it even more fun! Another great feature is that, thanks to your own login, you can stop whenever you want and return to the e-learning module again later.

This is a completely new approach to online learning: making e-learning FUN.

Keen to know more? Call Saskia Stender on +31 (0)6-22215307 or send an e-mail to [email protected] for more information.

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