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Key challenges post-COVID food systems

The COVID-19 pandemic has a large and decisive impact on public health, and generates major consequences for social relationships, economic development and food systems. Ivo Demmers and Ruerd Ruben of Wageningen Universi..

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A one sided view of the meat sector

12 October 2018

The Central Organisation for the Meat Sector (COV) regrets the way in which Investico's investigative journalists portray working in the Dutch meat sector in De Groene Amsterdammer. It's portrayed rather one-sidedly and ...

Marketing report for the butcher industry 2018

12 October 2018

Marktdata.nl has conducted an extensive survey among butchers in the Netherlands. The research results have been published in the Marketing Report for the butcher industry 2018, published 12 October 2018. The Marke...

Dutch people eat healthier without noticing it

09 October 2018

Every year - in the National Agreement to Improve Product Composition - agreements are made between the food and beverage industry and the supermarkets about the reduction of sugars, salt, and saturated fats. A recent ov...

From BRC Food to BRC Food 8

09 October 2018

In August 2018, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) came with a new version of the Global Standard Food Safety, the 8th version of this standard. One of the key issues in version 8 is the involvement of every layer of th...

Crate washing far below standard

17 September 2018

At least 56% of the companies do not carry out hygiene inspections after cleaning crates for food and goods. This is the conclusion of independent research into the hygiene and quality level of crate washing in the Nethe...

Multipox neemt Ulfcar over

11 September 2018

Met ingang van 14 augustus 2018 is de vestiging Ulfcar Benelux B.V van het  Deense Ulfcar overgenomen door  Multipox Kunststof vloeren B.V. Ulfcar is gespecialiseerd in kunststof bedrijfsvloeren (Acrydur Acryla...

RBK Group opens office in Germany

11 September 2018

With the founding of RBK Automation GmbH, RBK Group will also offer its FOBIS® ERP software solutions to food manufacturing companies in Germany. In the Netherlands, RBK Group has been a big name in the food industry for...

Ernstigste droogte in 40 jaar

14 August 2018

Op 11 juli 2018 heeft de Europese groenteverwerkingssector laten weten bezorgd te zijn over de potentiële verliezen van de kwantiteit en kwaliteit van gewas als gevolg van de zeer warme zomer en langdurige droogte. Toona...

Aarnink vleeswaren verplaatst snijwerk

09 January 2018

Aarnink Vleeswaren, gevestigd op industrieterrein Oevers was al enige tijd op zoek naar een uitbreidingslocatie, aldus algemeen directeur Tom Aarnink. “We hadden ruimte tekort en hebben gekeken naar nieuwbouw en besta...

Rob Morren: Trends in the food sector

10 October 2017

How will Brexit and the policies of the new Dutch cabinet affect the already extremely dynamic food sector? And which trends can we expect to see in 2018? Rob Morren, Sector Banker Food at ABN AMRO, looks ahead: “It’s wi...

Suppliers face longer payment periods

10 July 2017

Although the economy is strengthening, this doesn’t seem to be leading to an improvement in the financial situation for suppliers from the SME sector. According to a study on behalf of Betaalme.nu, almost half (44 percen...

Brilliant business models in food

07 February 2017

Food will be one of society’s biggest challenges in the future. There are several aspects to that challenge; on the one hand the aim is to produce healthy and sustainable food, and on the other the challenge lies in keep...

QiSOFT moves to new premises

14 November 2016

QiSOFT, a vendor of the QIS software suite, has moved to attractive, larger premises in Breda. QiSOFT Nederland has already grown substantially and aims to expand further in the future. “At our new premises, we have more...

‘Healthy food is the key trend'

14 November 2016

Adjiedj Bakas (1963) is one of the Netherlands’s leading trendwatchers. He studied communication science at Utrecht University and worked as an advisor to KLM and NOS. He then embarked on a new path, evolved into a trend...