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Poster Visindustrie

Na het succes van de A1-poster met daarop de structuur van de Nederlandse vleesindustrie is het tijd voor de Nederlandse Visindustrie. Er verandert gedurende een jaar zoveel in Nederland door fusies en failliss..

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Food industry remains stable sector

11 October 2019

The annual Monitor of the Dutch Food Industry Federation (FNLI), which was presented on Thursday 10 October, shows that the food industry in the Netherlands continues to develop in a very stable manner. The future challe...

Crate washing in NL: the hidden costs

18 September 2019

In the aftermath of the study into the hygiene and quality of crate washes in the Netherlands (2018), Clean Machine received many questions from customers and relations in the industry. A recurring theme was the construc...

Consumption of fruit and vegetables stagnates

16 September 2019

Since the low VAT rate was raised at the beginning of this year, the consumption of fruit and vegetables has stagnated. Supermarkets sold 2% less fresh fruit and only 1% more fresh vegetables. Approximately 18% of consum...

Additional control NVWA in hot weather

22 July 2019

Due to the expected high temperatures, the National Plan for the Transport of Livestock at Extreme Temperatures will come into effect from Monday 22 July to Friday 26 July 2019. Inspectors from the Dutch Food and Consume...

Ambivalence around tuna

02 May 2019

The Netherlands loves tuna. There is no doubt about that. As a steak, on a pizza, through a salad or in a trendy lemur sushiroll - tuna ranks second among the favourite and most eaten fish species in our country, especia...

Meat export numbers fell in 2018

10 January 2019

In 2018 there were less positive figures compared to 2017, when the export value for the food sector increased by 6%. In 2018 (up to and including October), this percentage was modest (1.3%). Food exports to the EU were ...

Increase in the low VAT rate approved

21 December 2018

On 18 December, the Senate approved more than 60 tax measures for citizens and businesses. This means that tax rates will be lowered from next year onwards and tax credits (tax credits) will be increased, making work mor...

Checkmark logo ('Vinkje') removed

19 October 2018

As of 19 October 2018, manufacturers will no longer be allowed to use the 'Vinkje' in the Netherlands. The Dutch Consumers' Association is satisfied with the fact that the misleading logo will disappear on food packaging...

Food production cause of natural loss

17 October 2018

91 percent of Dutch people do not know that food production is the biggest cause of nature loss worldwide. This is the conclusion of a study published by the World Wildlife Fund on World Food Day (16 October). This aware...

Marketing report for the butcher industry 2018

12 October 2018

Marktdata.nl has conducted an extensive survey among butchers in the Netherlands. The research results have been published in the Marketing Report for the butcher industry 2018, published 12 October 2018. The Marke...

Dutch people eat healthier without noticing it

09 October 2018

Every year - in the National Agreement to Improve Product Composition - agreements are made between the food and beverage industry and the supermarkets about the reduction of sugars, salt, and saturated fats. A recent ov...

From BRC Food to BRC Food 8

09 October 2018

In August 2018, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) came with a new version of the Global Standard Food Safety, the 8th version of this standard. One of the key issues in version 8 is the involvement of every layer of th...

Crate washing far below standard

17 September 2018

At least 56% of the companies do not carry out hygiene inspections after cleaning crates for food and goods. This is the conclusion of independent research into the hygiene and quality level of crate washing in the Nethe...

RBK Group opens office in Germany

11 September 2018

With the founding of RBK Automation GmbH, RBK Group will also offer its FOBIS® ERP software solutions to food manufacturing companies in Germany. In the Netherlands, RBK Group has been a big name in the food industry for...

Multipox neemt Ulfcar over

11 September 2018

Met ingang van 14 augustus 2018 is de vestiging Ulfcar Benelux B.V van het  Deense Ulfcar overgenomen door  Multipox Kunststof vloeren B.V. Ulfcar is gespecialiseerd in kunststof bedrijfsvloeren (Acrydur Acryla...